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"JAL SANTOSH" has been included in SOR of PWD GOVT. of MP, In the category of Rain Water Harvesting.

About Roof Water Harvesting

Roof water harvesting is one of the solutions to tackle water shortage. Roof water harvesting, it refers to the process of collecting and storing rain water in a scientific and controlled manner for future use.

The collection system directs the rain water falling in your premises into the filteration system through a system of drainage pipes & channels.The designing of the collection system is done in a way so as to collect the maximum amount of run off water that is generated in the premises.On passing through the filteration system the water can be directed to bore-well hence added to the ground water.

Ground water resource gets naturally recharged through percolation. But due to indiscriminate development and rapid urbainzation, exposed surface for soil has been reduced drastically with resultant reduction in percolation of rainwater, thereby depleting ground water resource. Rainwater harvesting is the process of augmenting the natural filtration of rainwater in to the underground formation by some artificial methods. "Conscious collection and storage of rainwater to cater to demands of water, for drinking, domestic purpose & irrigation is termed as Rainwater Harvesting."

Rainwater harvesting systems can be installed with minimal skills. The system should be sized to meet the water demand throughout the dry season since it must be big enough to support daily water consumption. Specifically, the rainfall capturing area such as a building roof must be large enough to maintain adequate flow. The water storage tank size should be large enough to contain the captured water.

Why roof water harvesting ?

  • It is the simplest & the most affordable way of tackling water scarcity.
  • Rises the ground water level. It is estimated that in the area of 1000 sq ft around 20,000 liters of rain water can be harvested per hour.
  • Prevents the contamination of ground water.
  • Reduces run off & hence prevents flooding of water drains, roads & low lying areas.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • It is an one-time investment.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The system can not only be incorporated in a new construction but can also be added to any existing structure, do your part by conserving,      recycling & pretecting the available water more efficiently because Every drop counts.