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"JAL SANTOSH" has been included in SOR of PWD GOVT. of MP, In the category of Rain Water Harvesting.

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Welcome to Jal Santosh, the first full service rain water collection products distributor in Bhopal. Our focus is placed entirely on rain water harvesting, collection and re-use. Our mission goes well beyond the selling of rain water collection system products. We offer system design, consulting and education services. We can source and specify the right product for your system application. Water re-use systems, filtration and complete our product support.

Rainwater harvesting technologies are simple to install and operate. Local people can be easily trained to implement such technologies, and construction materials are also readily available. Rainwater harvesting is convenient in the sense that it provides water at the point of consumption, and family members have full control of their own systems, which greatly reduces operation and maintenance problems. Running costs, also, are almost negligible. Water collected from roof catchments usually is of acceptable quality for domestic purposes.