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"JAL SANTOSH" has been included in SOR of PWD GOVT. of MP, In the category of Rain Water Harvesting.
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Technical Specifications

About us

JAL SANTOSH is roof top rain water harvesting system designed & developed particularly for recharging of the bore-well by rain water. After 9 years of analysis this idea has been brought to full fruition. JAL SANTOSH is an easiest approach to get the bore-wells recharged by the rain water which is patented & registered by the government of India . It is one of a kind & maintenance free as well. It not only increases the ground water level but improves the quality of water as well. Keeping in mind the sort of rainfall & its intensity this filter has been scientifically designed. It’s been designed to provide long & reliable service. It is more adequate than any other filter currently in market by the aspects of our clients. About thousands of our clients have been satisfied by its greater efficiency.


JAL SANTOSH is easily mounted on wall. The JAL SANTOSH is connected to the roof top water drain pipes which is then linked directly to the bore-well. Rain water falling on the roof enters the water drain pipes, goes through Jal Santosh & the dust particles filtered by it. This filtered water is then fed to the bore-well through the pipes & hence recharging the bore-well is done.